Monday, July 01, 2013

Has the PRISM Story Been Distorted/Overblown?


At first I flew off the handle about the PRISM/NSA story... Then I couldn't tell what was going on...  Now I find the above, suggesting, though by no means proving, that Greenwald may have distorted the story.

Now, I don't like Greenwald, and I don't like him largely because I believe that one should not trust him...  So that gives me a bias here. I also trust Obama, and do not think that he is an insane despot trying to destroy America. And I find it significant that everybody involved in all three branches of government and in both parties seems to think that PRISM is a plausible program. OTOH, I'm also pretty touchy about privacy issues, to say the least...

I'm not sold. Just for the record. But I simply don't know what to think.

My general view was that the outrage was the "PATRIOT" act...  Once we've decided to get cozy with that, I suppose that the PRISM business didn't seem that surprising to me...which is not to say that it sounded ok...  But, at any rate, we need to get the facts straight. And it sounds like we may not have them that yet.


Anonymous cnihilist said...

Crispy has been good on the whole NSA/Snowden topic:

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