Thursday, June 06, 2013

NSA Collects All Verizon Phone Records


This is really just off the scale.

There should be protests in the streets over this.

Of course, we only have something like one side of the story here--we don't know what the NSA knows, and don't exactly know what they're trying  to stop. It's not impossible that this is warranted...but it seems awfully damned unlikely...

Oh and:
As I've made clear, I don't like Greenwald. He's mean-spirited, dogmatic, and insufferably self-righteous. And his anti-Obama jihad got old long ago. He's just Fox News in that respect, so far as I'm concerned. About what you'd expect from a Chomsky epigone.

But I also think that he sometimes does good work. That kind of desire to "get" people can sometimes have good effects if channeled in the right general direction. He's done good work here, that's for sure.


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