Wednesday, January 30, 2013

VA GOP Gerrymandering Rejected by Senate Committee

Good guys win this round.


Anonymous mattc said...

I think that these schemes are going to end up getting killed by GOP state office holders, because they have their own set of objectives and incentives that conflict with Reince Preibus' vote suppressing dreams. What the RNC is asking is for these states to essentially take themselves out of the "swing state" catagory: there just won't be enough marginal Electoral Votes in these states to justifying a lot of campaigning by the presidential candidates. That means a lot less ad money flowing to statewide and local media (those guys still have the juice to handicap a relatively small-time pol), and even more importantly, this would mean politicians in these state would no longer be able to collect chits from presidential candidates for endorsements/use of local networks. Thank Rand for selfishness!

2:56 AM  

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