Thursday, October 11, 2012

Now That Was An Ass Whuppin'


I was really worried, but Joe came through. He kinda faded out in the last ten minutes, didn't finish strong, and passed up an opportunity to administer the coup de gras on the question about the nastiness of the campaign,  but it seemed to me that he just slapped the snot out of Ryan.

I know these are stupid rhetorical battles, but Biden managed to win with content, not style. His style was fine, but, unlike Mittens, he didn't have to rely on it. It is, of course, a fundamental fact about the campaign that the blue team is significantly more honest than the red team, and that was underscored again tonight.

Johnny Quest tells me that the GOP talking point of the moment has to do with Biden's style being bad (rude or something), but that's a fair sign that they realize that their boy was punked. Ryan looked like the squeaky-voiced treasurer of the high school debate team who had made the mistake of taking on the local District Attorney.

A solid win for Biden and the blue team tonight, no doubt about it.

This sort of thing never seems to benefit us as much as them, and, of course, it's just the VP debate. But I don't see how we could have reasonably hoped for a more thorough ass kicking of the loathsome Paul Ryan.

Good job by the Joetorious B.V.P.


Blogger The Mystic said...

I know I already told you, but I was just out of my seat for that debate. Biden kicked ass like I haven't seen in...well, ever. For 2012, Biden is my hero. I've always liked the man, and now, I can say it more confidently than ever. It really seemed like a debate between a seasoned, learned professor and an overly aggressive, naive student.

11:14 PM  

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