Sunday, October 07, 2012

Debate Debacle Hurts Obama in (Republican-Leaning)

Well, someone seems to have shot himself in the foot.

Romney's onslaught of shameless lies and/or newest position changes, and Obama's terrible performance seem to have affected the polls.

Sam Wang expresses some surprise at the fast, unified onslaught by Republican-leaning (e.g. Rasmussen) polls:
The Meta-Analysis, a snapshot of today’s conditions, has taken a remarkably sharp and large downtick for President Obama. This comes with a massive polling release from three Republican-leaning pollsters: Rasmussen, Gravis, and We Ask America. Just think – what are the odds that they would all come out of the gate so fast and all at once? It’s almost like they planned it. 
We don't want to go all fever-swamp/Bullshit-Mountainy, tho...

Obama's got a big lead. But we don't want too many more screw-ups like this one...


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