Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Borderlands 2 First Impressions

1. The intro is, IMHO, even better than the intro to BL1. One of the great things about BL1 was the great music, including "Ain't No Rest For the Wicked," the opening song, which is really exceptional for a video game. I never thought they'd be able to match it, but I'd say BL2 has topped it--a completely different genre, but even better than the first one. And the opening vignette is, again IMHO, also better.

2. The new characters look great at first glance, Zero and Axton look especially awesome to me, but the other two, Maya and Salvadore also look pretty sweet. I reckon I'll be playing Zero in our little group, but Axton is still a real possibility.

3. The game looks just fantastic.

4. The engine is smooth and a pleasure to play.

5. BUT CO-OP MODE IS UNPLAYABLE. Jebus, Gearbox, you are awesome, but people play Borderlands primarily for the co-op...and friends can't join up in BL2. This is a major glitch. We finally got Statisticasaurus Rex into my game, but my brother never could get in. And everybody everywhere seems to be having the same problem with private co-op. C'mon, guys. I know this stuff is hard, but this problem should have been fixed before release. Not even any acknowledgement of the problem yet from Gearbox. I am disappoint, Gearbox. I am very, very disappoint.


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