Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Anti-Aging Research and Overpopulation

Probably BS, but maybe something.

I don't really care whether this one works or not. Eventually something will. And then the overpopulation problem will be on its way to becoming a whole lot harder to solve.

Not trying to be Dr.-Doom-And-Gloom... I'd LOVE it if we found some anti-aging treatment. But if I could push a button and put it on hold until we address the population problem, I'd probably do so. If we don't start working seriously on this now, we are in for a disaster later.

I'm reminded of the debt. Folks like me who urged us to address it early and in good times were derided. And looky now.

Just sayin'.


Anonymous "computer" phil said...

Nothing's going to happen until we hit a tipping point, then "god's will" will take over and there'll be a massive correction.

Regarding the debt, recall we were on track to solve that problem until Bush the lesser seized power and effed the whole thing up.

8:35 PM  
Blogger Winston Smith said...

Good point about the debt...some cause for optimism...or not...depending on how you look at it...

10:15 PM  

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