Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ted Nugent Needs A Punch In The Face

Ted Nugent is a drooling moron.

Has there ever been a less-talented musician than this guy? I mean, seriously. The guy is famous for playing like one really, really, really shitty song back in the 1970's, the shittiest time for music in the entire history of the world. Now he's issuing what seem to be some kind of vague threats conditional on Obama's re-election.

Sometimes, people just need a good punch in the face. I'd be very happy to be the agent of the Universe in this, if, of course, I condoned such things. Which I don't. Nope. Not a bit. Which is not to say that he doesn't deserve it.

But, uh, Ted: how about you STFU? How about that? You're a raging moron who doesn't have two neurons to rub together. We don't need to hear your Neanderthal political opinions. This is like getting political commentary from Snookie or Justin Bieber. There's just no there there.


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