Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Romney Is Dishonest: Vacation Days

While not an outright lie, criticizing Obama about how many vacation days he's taken is either ignorant or, as in Romney's case, the moral equivalent of a lie.

Republicans have already established their independent judgments about how much vacation it is reasonable to take by not having criticized Reagan for taking just shy of twice as much, nor Bush for taking about three times as much.

There's also the complaint about how Obama spends the vacation time he does take, but that's an even dumber criticism.

But of course Romney doesn't really mean any of this...or he means it only in the way that and to the extent that someone means some bullshit criticism they think up in anger. He's trying to win an election, he'll say anything to win, and he is a liar. So making up some crap that doesn't make any sense is just par for the course, as it were.

Jeez that guy is pathetic.


Blogger Jeff said...

"the moral equivalent of a lie" ????? what the hell ? why not just say "This statement is not a lie, but I really want to call this guy a liar so...." using phrases like "the moral equivalent of a lie" is the intellectual equivalent of a slug

notice how comment moderation is enabled, I understand wanting to mod for profanity, etc, but this is intended to be a genuine criticism of the way you think, and the lack of reasoning in your logic, not an attack on your political views or opinions, I will be surprised if it gets published, as you seem the type who would flip out over even the slightest criticism

2:32 AM  
Blogger Winston Smith said...



I don't care what you think about what "type" I "seem like."

There are non-lies that are the moral equivalent of lies. This is not a difficult point to understand, nor an unusual one. When Bush, for example, told the nation that British intelligence had believed that Saddam had tried to buy yellowcake uranium from Niger...but carefully left out the fact that U.S. Intelligence had concluded that British intelligence was wrong--that was the moral equivalent of a lie. Truths can be used to mislead if other truths are omitted.

In Romney's case, he knows damn good and well that Obama's vacations are unremarkable and few in number by Presidential standards. But he knows that most people don't know much about Presidential vacations. So he knows that if he says this stuff without context, people will come to believe that Obama takes too many vacation days. Which is a lie.

R-money is a liar, as he demonstrates over and over again. This is actually a rather minor case in the constellation of his lies.

9:39 AM  

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