Wednesday, April 04, 2012

"Liberal" CNN and "Fact" "Checking"


I was--don't ask me why--watching CNN the other day. I rarely do so. It should be called VNN, The Vapid News Network.

lololol 'Vapid News Network'...ah....


One of their usual news folk plays a clip from Obama and then says ooooh, it looks like Obama wants to run a really aggressive campaign...and I think that might be fine with the GOP...  (Not a quote.)


Really CNN?

Obama wants to run an aggressive campaign?

And it's ok with the GOP?

What planet are you people from?

But wait--it gets better...

Then they play a clip of Romney repeating his lie that Obama claimed to be one of the four greatest U.S. Presidents. As you probably realize--or could guess--Obama said no such thing.

CNN? They play the clip of Romney's lie with no comment.

Then they play the clip of Obama noting that Romney called the Ryan budget "marvelous."

Then the CNN talking head says ooooh, weeeeellll, he didn't reeeally say thaaaaat...

And she plays the clip from Romney, and what he said was, roughly: it would be marvelous if Congress considered and passed the Ryan budget.

So: a bald-faced lie by Romney about Obama passes without comment. But CNN counts the difference between 'the budget is marvelous' and 'it would be marvelous if that budget was passed' as worth distinguishing between.

Your liberal media in action, my friends.


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