Tuesday, April 17, 2012

For-Profit "Universities" Are Stealing Our Money; Virginia Foxx Is Helping

Virginia Foxx (R-NC) is helping for-profit schools like the "University" of Phoenix, in effect, steal our tax dollars. Foxx is helping to pass bills to make sure such schools have zero accountability.

These evil institutions prey on a vulnerable sector of the population, people who know so little about higher education that they actually think that they are going to get an education from the University of Phoenix...and that a degree from that august institution is going to help them out on the job market.

These "schools" are basically just enormous scams that suck up student loan money. Few things would make me happier than a massive campaign to crush these scumbags. Lord knows that even real universities don't educate their students all that well...but these folks aren't even trying.

Here's a recent something from Reddit by a University of Phoenix admissions dude.

These jerkweeds should have to plaster "Warning: Not An Actual University" at the top of every page of their website.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

In some cases for-profit instructors have even figured out how to use scholars at not-for-profit schools to help students to do their quickie degrees even faster:


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