Sunday, March 18, 2012

Carolina's Season Likely Over After Defeating Creighton; Marshall's Wrist Fractured

After an extremely thuggish performance by Creighton, Carolina's season is likely, in effect, over, despite the 87-71 victory.

Kendall Marshall, the one player that Carolina absolutely cannot do without, has a fractured wrist, no doubt after a particularly hard foul that sent him crashing to the court.

The game was peppered with several thuggish plays by Creighton, including this gem, some pointless slapping at Henson's injured wrist, and the...well..let's just say aggressive foul that knocked Marshall to the court. (After Henson was T'ed up for jawing at the guy who slapped at his wrist, the dude looked over at the bench and appeared to wink at them, if you can believe that bullshit.)

I can't even talk about this right now. The refs let too much of this shit go. Too many mediocre teams drag good teams down to their level by throwing hard fouls as a strategy.


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