Thursday, February 09, 2012

Video of Plumlee Pushing Zeller on the Tip-In

Argh. Had watched the reply a couple of times this morning, and convinced myself that the evidence of Plumlee pushing Z was inconclusive. That made me feel a little better about the loss.

Then I saw this.

Added bonus: it also seems--as it did also did live--that Henson did not touch the Kelly air ball.

What an unbelievable confluence of events. In addition to d00que turning red hot and Carlina going ice cold, over the last three minutes we have:

1. An uncalled travel leading to a 3-pointer
2. An uncalled push leading to a 2-point own-goal
3. A bad call that turns an airball into another d00que possession.

Very, very frustrating and disappointing. 1 and 3 were pretty blatant bad calls. 2 is the most angrifying, of course, being vintage d00que.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps the non-called Barnes charge towards the end of the second half, the non-called intentional foul during Plumlee's breakaway (the one in which Zeller clobbered Plumlee's head, not the ball), and the non-called Henson foul on Kelly during his airballed-but-tapped-in-by-Zeller play towards the end balance those things out. Not to mention Bullock's odd pelvic thrust-foul into Rivers' face with just under a minute left in the first half. This last one was called, but it seemed a bit excessive.

Refs miss calls, but it evens out.

3:00 PM  
Blogger Winston Smith said...

Afraid you're stretchin', there, A. We could list all the fouls and missed calls in the game if we want; and I'm happy to look at video of other missed calls. But three missed calls, leading to at least 5 (and actually, I think, 8) points in the last 2:00 of the game is a different matter entirely.

Bad calls do tend to even out in the long run, it's absolutely true, but not in the short run. This time they didn't--not by quite a long shot.

I think Carolina is sometimes the beneficiary of bad calls. This time, they got the crap end of the stick in a big way.

3:08 PM  
Blogger Brandon Staton said...

Tack on another for the phantom 4-pointer, when Curry apparently experienced vertigo in the aftermath of a 3 from the elbow.

2:49 PM  

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