Friday, February 24, 2012

U.S. Intelligence Does Believes That Iran Is Not Seeking To Build A Nuclear Bomb

L.A. Times

Well, of course, when the Bush administration wanted to attack Iraq, and U.S. intelligence refuted the uranium-from-Niger story, they just poked around until they found an intelligence service that did believe the story, then they reported on that as if it were the best intelligence available...  We won't see that from this administration, but we might see it from our friends across the aisle.

This needs to be repeated over and over: Israel and the American right are gearing up to push us into a war on grounds that our intelligence services believe to be false.

(Though in my current opinion, we shouldn't attack Iran even if they were building a nuke. We've exhausted ourselves on the Bush/Cheney/Neo-Con adventure--a counterproductive, incredibly expensive and bloody adventure--in Iraq. We'll have to pass even on sensible wars for awhile, not to mention madness like this Iran business.)


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