Wednesday, February 08, 2012

R-Money Loses Big

Wow. Well, that was pretty embarrassing for Mittens. Looks like he's also on track to lose Colorado. He couldn't even put on a chipper face during his concession speech. His magic panties were clearly in a wad. It was actually kinda painful to watch--and not in the way that Mittens's speeches are usually painful to watch.

Hell, I actually kinda feel sorry for the guy. People obviously don't like him...and about 15% of his news coverage consists of stories about how people don't like him...and now we get a new poll reporting that the more people find out about him, the less they like's got to have an effect on the guy. The Obama-haters are largely nuts and partisan hacks. R-Money's own party can't stand him. They don't like him so much that they won't even vote for him when he is their only hope to beat Obama, whom they hate with a fiery, rabid, spittle-flecked passion. Dang, that kind of thing's got to get to you at least a little bit...


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