Wednesday, February 08, 2012

The Opposite of True:
Obama Didn't...Want?...To Kill OBL Edition
Sean Hannity Lives In A Reality Of His Own Choosing

From the same people who think that 9/11 means that Bush kept us safe, we get...


See, Bush--who didn't get bin Laden--actually got him, because mumble mumble Obama mumble Bush's policies. And Obama--who did get bin Laden--didn't really, because mumble mumble mumble GOD BLESS THE REPU...I MEAN AMERICA!!!

This kind of insanity is just rampant on the American right these days. They are simply immune to the facts. Bush, who probably got a little help avoiding service in Vietnam, was...well...not exactly a war hero, but not exactly not one. Gore, who did serve, was a wimp. Kerry, who was an actual war hero, was a French pacifist. They've got some axioms over across the Republicans are always tougher than Democrats. If the facts seem to contradict those axioms, well, the facts are to be ignored.

Note, however, that it actually goes beyond merely ignoring the facts. Wingnuts like Hannity are actually willing to basically to argue for the exact opposite of what is indicated by the facts--that is, not just ignore the truth, or misdirect to some irrelevant conclusion. No, they're willing to believe and argue for the very opposite of the truth. Hence we get, for example, "Bush kept us safe," which is vague enough to be merely laughably false, but also "There were no domestic terrorist attacks under Bush," which is precise enough to be...well, the exact opposite of true. We also get Hannity trying to argue that...what? WTF is he trying to say, anyway? That Bush's policies were so awesome that they drug Obama kicking and screaming into the situation room and made him send in Seal Team 6? The bottom line is: mumble mumble Obama gets no credit.

Hannity, you inveterate jackass.


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