Saturday, February 18, 2012


I feel kind of bad for Clemson when I think about their oh-for-ever streak in Chapel Hill. 55 losses in a row there thus far, and all signs point to a 56th today. On years when we can afford to drop a game, part of me kinda roots for the Tigers. A streak like this one requires a good bit of luck, whatever else it requires, and it'd bring much happiness to Clemson for the luck to break their way on this one. This year, however, especially after a 1-point loss to Kentucky (pretty much deserved), a 33-point beatdown in Tallahassee, and a 1-point loss in the bizarro-world loss to the d00kies, I'm not feeling particularly benevolent...

I'd like to see Roy use this game to just totally unleash Reggie and PJ from 3-point land. If we don't get that part of the game going soon, the value of our awesome inside game is going to continue to degrade, as teams continue to pack the defense into the paint.

Anyway, good luck to the Tigers...but, uh...not too much luck...


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