Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Carolina 86, State 74

Wow. An interesting game, and a good, solid win for the Heels. State's fallen on hard times, of course, but they played well last night. They did what I've been waiting for someone to do all year: played zone and packed everybody down low, bottling up Z and Henson and daring Carolina to shoot from the perimeter. And that's where things started to get weird. Suddenly, everybody was hitting. Bullock hit two 3s, Barnes hit, even PJ hit one (he'll be a monster when he gets out of the slump)...and Marshall hit four of five 3s! In fact, he had 22 points, 13 assists, and 0 turnovers. Monster game. Dude is amazing. Without the Heels suddenly finding their touch from 3, State likely wins this game. To add to the weirdness, state won the offensive rebounding battle, too.

That makes twelve in a row for Carolina over State. I like beating 'em, but I feel bad they've had such an absolutely terrible couple (or more) of years. It was more fun when it was more competitive, obviously. And those guys also had Duke beat by 20 the other night and then just...well...basically disappeared, losing by like four. Very weird. Tough week for State.


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