Friday, January 20, 2012

Strickland Out For Season
Heels Probably Out of the Running

Well, that's some enormously bad news for Dex, and for Carolina. Torn ACL.

Get well man--we're all pulling for ya.

Dex, as I'm sure you all realize, is Carolina's best perimeter defender by far, starting 2-guard, only serious back-up PG, and only threat to penetrate. Now we are seriously up the freaking creek.

Leslie MacDonald won't recover in time to play much, so he redshirted last week. We've still got Bullock and Hariston at the two...but this is a huge, huge blow.

Wow. We went from a team that was supposed to dominate on our way to the Final Four, to one that collapsed and lost by 33 points in Tallahassee, to one that is now in serious trouble.


Best of luck, Dex. Looking forward to watching you play next year.


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