Saturday, January 14, 2012

Carolina Collapses Against FSU

Wow. Carolina looked so bad I can't even hypothesize about what happened. I honestly have no idea. They looked like they looked at the beginning of last season when they seemed incapable of doing anything right. It was like a different team out there...Marshall wasn't playing like Marshall, Henson was barely playing like Henson, Dex wasn't playing like Dex, and Barnes...sadly, just like last game...was not playing like Barnes.

Wow...losing to an unranked and, honestly, not good team by 33 points. We looked flat and out of sync from beginning to end. I do not remember one single good play. The Heels' shots were basically glancing off the side of the rim every time, while FSU was basically swishing just about everything they threw up. Anong the Heels, only Zeller looked as if he'd come to play. Some FSU guard who averages 6 points a game had like 27 points from the 3-point line.. Just a weird, unlikely, extremely messed-up game, and a really weird experience all around. Carolina beating FSU by 30 would have been unremarkable. Losing to them by, say, 1 would have made the front page of ESPN. Losing to them by 30...well, nobody on the planet would have thought there was a snowball's chance of that. And yet here we are.

Wish I had even some vague hypothesis about what happened...but it was so bad that I'd basically have to go with something like "magic" if absolutely forced to conjecture... It really was one of the weirdest basketball games I've ever seen.

Ah, well, Waddaya gonna do? Every time is up like crazy when the Heels come to town, and there's really no way for Carolina to be equally up for every single game they play. I guess it's just gonna happen sometimes.


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