Thursday, November 03, 2011

As if 7 Billion Weren't Bad Enough...

There's this about an alleged breakthrough in life-extension.

Pretty bad when that doesn't count as unmitigated good news. I mean, ignoring the fact that it's probably made up or otherwise bogus.

The techno-utopians are already hitting the web explaining how we can have our cake and eat it to by extending everyone's lifespan and not worrying about the population! Surely we'll think of something! We always have before! Um, except of course when we haven't...

'Cause, see, it'll be just fine if we all have to live in apartments the size of Japanese hotel-rooms and eat Soylent Green.


Now hear this: a gigantic population is not a good. There is no good reason to keep pumping up the population. 7 billion people is not better than 4 billion people.


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