Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mosquitoes and Dirty Socks: Once Again I'm A Day Late and a Dollar Short

So, last year we got tons of mosquitoes in the back forty. S. rex has also had this problem, and tried fancy mosquito traps, employing e.g. propane, which didn't work well. Which got me to thinking: why not try a lower-tech approach? How about putting sweaty crap in a bottle and trying to catch 'em in there?

Last summer I went so far as to do some little experiments with plastic soda bottles (which I thought would work like fly-bottles--bugs fly in, but, allegedly, have a hard time getting out. I knew it would be better to zap 'em or something, but...well...I wasn't willing to put in that level of effort. Anyway, I went running, sopped up some nasty H. sapiens sweat with some paper towels, shoved 'em down into the bottles, and put them in the back yard. Didn't work. Of course I was busy and didn't check them as frequently as I should have, and had no good reason to think that fly-bottles really work all that well...

And, as it turns out, the general idea was good, but somebody else, y'know, actually did it right.

Ah, well. I hope this works and that it puts a real dent in the malaria problem.


Anonymous RobertB said...

I bet that thing is completely vile after 2 weeks, but it looks like it may work.

11:02 AM  

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