Monday, July 25, 2011

John Boehner Is A Liar

Well, if you just watched his bullshit-laden response to Obama's address, then you know what, in particular, I'm talking about.  My favorite part: the President is responsible for creating an atmosphere of crisis. It's not the GOP's fault for creating the debt...nor the GOP's fault for, once again, using a technicality to advance their political ends...nor the GOP's fault for pushing us the bring of default...nor the GOP's fault for refusing to compromise in any way. Nope. It's not the GOP's fault for creating the actual's the President's fault for creating an atmosphere of crisis by pointing out that there is, in fact, a crisis. Get it? As the Mystic put it: Smith lights a fire in a crowded building, Jones yells "fire!"...Jones is to blame for creating an atmosphere of crisis...

I had not been terribly energized for the 2012 election, to tell the truth. But I'm writing a big, fat check to the Democrats tomorrow, and I'm going to do whatever I can to harm the GOP.

Hmmm....Virginians Against's that sound for an organization?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Politicians lie. That’s just the way it is. Democrats sometimes tell the truth. Most of the time that mistake is inadvertent, but sometimes Democrats will deliberately tell the truth but only if they feel it is to their advantage to do so. As for Republicans, if they are talking, they are lying—they can’t help themselves. My guess is that derives from when St Ronnie of Hollywood, C list thespian dragged the fundamentalist Christians out from under whatever rotting pile of compost they were living under and incorporated them into the Republican party. Fundamentalist Christianity is supported by a structure of lies, fear, and hate of the “other.” It is anti-science, anti-intellectual, anti-liberty, anti-humanism, anti-women, and ultimately, anti-humanity. If am not mistaken, I have just described the present day Republican Party.

James Cameron

12:57 AM  

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