Saturday, July 09, 2011

Are Republicans Intentionally Trying to Harm the Economy for Political Gain?

I'm not sure anybody reads this blog anymore...but I find myself wondering about this more and more. It's the kind of hypothesis I would have predicted I'd never consider...  But a discussion with a friend of him the other day--a friend who is more politically knowledgeable, level-headed and centrist than I am, incidentally--made me wonder. To my surprise, he is taking that hypothesis very seriously, to say the least. I guess I am most inclined to attribute it to the fact that they are dogmatic idiots who don't believe in the modern science of economics any more than they believe in the modern sciences of biology or climatology... But then, of course, there's this...


Blogger matthew christman said...

I don't see anything controversial about this thesis. The incentives for the Republicans (or any minority party w/ the ability to block the agenda of a majority party) are all in direction of keeping the economy shitty or, even better, having it get even worse. There are only two viable political parties. When the economy is bad, people vote for the party that is out of power. Every time. If the GOP wants the presidency, then they want the economy to suck for at least the next 18 months. Add their seemingly genuine belief in voodoo economics to the naked political calculus, and their course of action is inevitable. That's why there shouldn't be so many veto points for minority parties in the legislative branch.

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