Wednesday, May 04, 2011

The bin Laden Raid: No, There Was Never Any Intention of Taking Him Alive

Jebus. I cannot believe that (a) many people are, apparently, just beginning to realize that there was never any intention of taking OBL alive, and (b) some lefty types are whining about this.

Uh...look. Here's the deal. A bunch of smart, well-informed people undoubtedly started thinking about this soon after 9/11. They apparently concluded what a bunch of laypeople, including myself, concluded: that there were too many problems associated with a trial for OBL. Dude was guilty as sin, and there was no doubt about it. It's not like he denied it. Putting him on trial would have taken forever, given him a platform, stirred up the crazies...and there is always a nonzero probability that he could be found innocent--prosecutorial misconduct or who knows what. OBL was never going to be captured. I'm sure that he himself realized that.

And that was the right decision. I'm sure the whiny, bitchy, blowhard Glenn Greenwalds of the world will shriek about this for awhile--that type never tires of shrieking. But it was the right decision. A trial is fruitlessly pro forma in a case like this.

I do realize that these issues are difficult, but I'm losing my patience with the bitchy hand-wringers. Bitch about everything and, eventually, even people like me just start dividing through by your bitching.


Blogger Jim Bales said...


I'm curious -- do you have particular Greenwald post in mind when mentioning him in this post?


11:18 PM  
Anonymous Brian M said...

So...given the far greater number of deaths and the far worse destruction left in his wake by Commander Codpiece's various aggressive wars (and those promoted by his identical in all but skin tone and nominal political party successor) you are advocating a surgical strike to Crawford, Texas?

I thought not. What a tool.

6:33 PM  
Blogger Winston Smith said...

Fuck off, jackass.

You must have an at least average IQ to comment on this blog.

7:51 PM  

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