Saturday, December 25, 2010

Bona Saturnalia Everybody

I'm sitting here in the 'Burg, watchin' it snow, all by my lonesome.

JQ is with her folks in CO, but I decided to stay here and get some rest and get some work done. Not even going back to the ranch to see my own 'units this year; I am a bad offspring.

I've been reading Richard Smyth's book on Kant's transcendental aesthetic, Forms of Intuition. Now, Smyth was one of my profs, and, later, a friend. And that's the kind of thing that can bias one's assessment of a piece of work, of course. (Though previously, I've always ended up disagreeing with my profs about their views.) But I'm dead serious, and being as objective and dispassionate as I can be when I say: this is the most interesting thing I've ever read on the first Critique, and perhaps the most interesting work in philosophy I've ever read by a mere mortal (i.e., someone not a major figure in the history of philosophy). It's an extremely difficult book (...I was sitting there yesterday trying to make a guess at how long it might take me to work through it in a meaningful way, and the estimate was pretty alarming). Anyway, I'll probably be trying to say more about it in the future, but for right now I'll stick with: this is a genuinely remarkable piece of philosophical scholarship.

Anyway, here's best wishes to all the denizens of our wee blog.


Blogger The Mystic said...

Io, Saturnalia!

As soon as I find a copy, I'm on that book like fleas waxing philosophical on a particularly hairy wildebeest.

4:39 PM  

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