Monday, March 15, 2010

The Problem With Wingnuts:
Broken Bullshit Detectors?

Turns out that Glenn Beck practices crying.

Just about anything about Beck reminds me of my long-held view about wingnuts; goes like this:

Wingnuts are wingnuts because they have broken bullshit detectors.

It's long seemed to me that the loonier denizens of the right lack the ability to automatically detect egregious bullshit. Take Beck as an example--though Limbaugh would do just as well. If you can't tell within the first ten or fifteen minutes of watching this guy that he is basically made of bullshit, then there is something wrong with you. You lack an ability that almost everyone I know has. Your bullshit detector is broken.

Beck is not subtle; he's a walking, talking parody. The very fact that a giant herd of righties adore the ravings of a guy who was one of the main morons on one of those "morning zoo"-type radio shows tells you that there is something deeply wrong on that side of the aisle.

As usual, it's not that liberals are all smart, nor any such thing. But you usually have to simulate rationality a little more accurately if you want most liberals to like you. Anyone who would take Glenn Beck seriously has a very big cognitive problem.


Blogger lovable liberal said...

Are we starting to be different species?

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