Tuesday, March 23, 2010

N-U-T-Z in the GOP

This stuff absolutely cannot be true.

57% of Republicans think that Obama is a Muslim? 45% believe that he wasn't born in the U.S.? 24% believe that he "may be the antichrist"?????

It's bad, but it just simply cannot be that bad.

Er...can it?

The GOP is willing to risk the destruction of the country in order to win elections. This has long been clear. I mean, as the election of 2000 taught us, they're willing to try to steal elections. After you're willing to steal an American presidential election, what, exactly, would be off limits in your mind?

My guess is that, if the GOP/Fox News conglomerate believed that it could gain a significant political advantage by convincing its zombie-like followers that all Democrats should be killed, they would either do so or at least think pretty hard about it.

Of course Hillary didn't exactly cover herself with glory in this department when given the opportunity.

Maybe some day we'll have Eric Cantor say that he has "no reason to believe that Obama is the Antichrist"...


Blogger Jim Bales said...

Over at Kung-Fu Monkey, John Rogers documented the "27% Crazification Factor in any population." (I cannot do his post justice by excerpting or summarizing -- please, please read it now if you have not!)

The Republican Party is currently somewhere near one-third of the electorate. So, the 57% of republicans who think Obama is Muslim are about 19% of the electorate, or a large fraction of the 27% of Americans who are simply crazy.

That sounds about right to me.


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