Tuesday, March 23, 2010

If This Were A Movie:
Health Care Reform Edition

My good buddy Andy (who, interestingly, was "the genius" on a recurring David Letterman bit called "The Strong Guy, The Fat Guy, and the Genius") likes to occasionally play the "if this were a movie" game. Though it isn't really a game. Goes like this: something happens or somebody makes a decision, you say "if this were a movie, there'd be a a fadeout and then when it faded back in..." and then you describe some disaster or bit of hilarity that would be consequent on the occurrence or decision in a movie.

So, for example, if you told Andy that you'd just won a trip to Costa Rica, he might say "if this were a movie, the next scene would be you running through the jungle to get away from a big fat guy who set up this contest scam so he could run of those 'the deadliest prey' things."

So we got Obama into office, and he's pretty awesome. Then he got health care passed, which certainly seems like there's all sorts of awesomeness in it (though I remain uncommitted on this issue)...

I guess my worry is that, if this were a movie, the next scene would be like 2055, with jack-booted government insurance agents chasing a rag-tag, fugitive band of insurance resisters through the ruins of America. "Who knew," one might say, "that forcing people to buy health insurance would be the thing that finally allowed the government to control every aspect of our lives"... And then the HKs come...

See, that's about as sophisticated as my thinking about health care reform gets. And that's why I don't have a position on it...


Blogger Spencer said...

If it ever gets to the point of HKs, we can send some naked dude/robot back in time to assassinate the bill before it becomes law.

...And then ignore any resultant paradoxes that would prevent us from coming back to change the past.

1:03 AM  
Blogger Jim Bales said...

Actually, if this were a movie, the cut would happen after the passage of the Patriot Act and go directly to 2045 and "jack-booted government ..."


3:39 PM  

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