Saturday, March 27, 2010

dook Sucks: Cupcake Bracket Edition

Buried under a house-renovation nightmare, and, what with no Carolina in it and all, I haven't been paying any attention to the tournament.

But I will go ahead and gripe about one thing: as basically everyone has noticed, dook was given a cupcake bracket, virtually guaranteeing them an unimpeded path to the final four. That might be defensible if dook were the overall 1-seed, but, of course, they weren't. They were the weakest 1-seed, the number four 1-seed. So why the bull**** treatment?

Ratings, apparently.

So, a school largely based on undeserved privilege gets another break handed to them on a silver platter.

And people wonder why everybody hates those guys...

One last thing: contrary to Whitlock's claim, dook is not "squeaky-clean." As basically everyone else in the ACC knows, dook plays dirty. They hand-check like mad--doing it so frequently that the refs just give up calling it--they flop like fainting goats, and are adept at jumping into defenders on their 3-pointers. They're also fond of interfering with the ball after their own made shots in order to impede the other team's break. And none of that is to mention K-rat's non-stop F-bombs, Henderson's fairly-likely-to-have-been elbow that broke Hansbrough's nose, and Singler's penchant for throwing elbows.

I do realize that it's easy to demonize one's athletic opponents, and I think that's the height of irrationality. dook seems to recruit cleanly, and there are many things about the program that are admirable.

But "squeaky-clean" they absolutely ain't.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Baylor put up a good fight, but an astonishing number of non-shooting fouls called against them really handicapped them. Some of those fouls were really hard to see, at least for a non-Duke fan.


12:44 AM  

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