Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pat Robertson Is Full of Sh!t
Haiti Edition

So it will surprise no even minimally reasonable person that Pat Robertson is full of sh!t. This is a well-known and irrefutable fact. But I thought I'd mention his most recent bit of nonsense nevertheless.

According to Mr. Robertson, Haiti was devastated by the recent earthquake because it made a "pact to [sic] the devil." Here's some speculation at the Washington Post about whether he's talking about their predilection for voodoo or Catholicism...

This guy is obviously not worth talking about. Nevertheless, it makes me feel better to point out that such explanations are cheap post facto. If Robertson wants these explanations to have any bite, he'll make some predictions. After all, he claims to know a great deal about the mind of his god, so this shouldn't be too hard. He should be able to rank people in terms of how pissed off God is at them, and tell us how likely each group is to be the target of natural disasters/divine retribution. Valuable predictions will deviate from the probabilities assigned by meteorologists and seismologists, and then we'd be able to compare the scientific and the theokookic predictions.


Anonymous Phil said...

The biggest PR "prediction" I recall was his presidential bid in which he many times proclaimed that he was told by God that he would win. I guess God is quite the trickster after all.

Wait, isn't that supposed to be the devil's work, tricking folks like that? Maybe it's Robertson who's made a "pact to the devil." He sure has achieved great wealth from all his seemingly godly prophecy.

11:54 AM  
Blogger lovable liberal said...

Thought of you, WS, when I wrote this.

4:52 PM  

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