Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Obama's West Point Speech

IMHO this is an eminently reasonable course of action. It's easy to sit back and quibble, but when the man is smart and reasonable and has access to much better sources of information and analysis than I do, quibbling would, I think, be foolish.

I was struck again tonight, as I so frequently am, not by his speaking abilities so much as by the content of his words, and by the fact that they are so obviously his ideas (even if not always penned entirely by him). And even more striking is the fact that virtually every note resonates perfectly with my own beliefs, attitudes and inclinations. The guy's view of America may be wrong, but if so then mine's wrong, because he is, according to me, right on the money.


Blogger Spencer said...

Yeah. I'll be interested to hear arguments against the speech, because it seemed entirely reasonable to me. I read it and thought, "Oh yeah, well, of course!"

I especially appreciated that, for the first time in the War on Terror that I can remember, the difference in American and al-Qaeda ideals was enshrined in policy: A campaign against extremism will not succeed with bullets or bombs alone. Al Qaeda offers the people of Pakistan nothing but destruction. We stand for something different. [Then he asks for Congressional support for two bills that would make that difference real.]

I hope that OBL is found on Obama's watch. That would really stick in the craws of Rove and other people hurling charges of "weakness" at Obama.

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