Saturday, July 11, 2009

Some F-22 vs. SU-35 BVR Simulation Data

Simulation data from DERA gives the following win %s [beyond visual range] against the SU-35:

[So this is not dogfighting. But, then, part of the point of the F-22 is to kill targets before they see you.]

F-22: 91%
Eurofighter: 82%
Rafale: 50%
F-15(C?): 43%
F-18+: 25%
F-18(C?): 21%
F-16(C?): 21%

(Incidentally: looks like the Russians finally have something that can best the F-15...)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

But how well would it stack up against Airwolf?

p mac

1:15 PM  

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