Thursday, April 30, 2009

Yuppie Food Puritans

LGM is tired of 'em.

As am I.

I've long harbored this kind of cynical suspicion that yuppiesque aesthetic food preferences have some kind of influence on the nutritional recommendations the rest of us end up getting. (E.g.: red meat--sooo gauche...)

Oh, hey, and if this doesn't just about make you yak laughing're a far, far less easily irritated person than I am:

Allegedly there's some diet popular with "intellectuals", which (again I want to stress that I am not making this up) is supposed to "reprogram" your brain:
As for the reprogramming, the diet’s devotees say it recalibrates your tastebuds by introducing healthy food that tastes good. Instead of Pop-Tarts and mozzarella sticks, Instinct Dieters say they now crave baked apples with figs, Tuscan beans with olive oil and rosemary, and Tanzanian chicken kabobs.
See, now I am just going to have to slap these people. Do me a favor. Give me the goddamn Pop Tarts, and shove the Tuscan beans with olive oil and rosemary. Seriously you people. Do you ever listen to yourselves?

I mean, you see what's going on here? It wasn't enough to say "beans." Ya' know, o.k. Beans are probably better for you than Pop Tarts. (Though I've eaten about ten thousand Pop Tarts in my life, and I'm probably in better shape that than those wimpy pasty Tuscan bean-eaters. (In fact, I'm about to go eat some chocolate fudge pop tarts RTF now. Whaddaya think about that you yuppie apple figgers?))

But no. See, it was important to make reference to Tuscan beans with rosemary. I mean really. One doesn't want the hoi polloi thinking that one is eating just, ya know, beans... This is all about the contrast between low-class food and high class food. Jeez I'd love to see these folks stranded on a desert island with nothing but Busch beer and Slim Jims; they might resort to cannibalism first. Man, suppose a study came out that said that hot dogs and Yoo-Hoo cured cancer. Whaddaya think they'd do?

I've always been suspicious about the fact that it's red wine that is allegedly good for you. I'm half expecting to start reading things that say "well, not just any red wine..." Probably just wine that gets at least 92 points from the Wine Spectator...

Alright then. That's way more than enough of that.


Blogger Colin said...

The NYT quoted Alice Waters as saying that poor people could afford to eat fancy foods and shit if they would just stop buying fancy cellphoens and athletic shoes. Pretty revealing statement about where the American slow food people are coming from in my opinion.

8:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's a pretty serious misreading of MY's post, WS. His post is about taxes, not food. It is about addressing the deficit, not about telling people what to eat.

Not sure if you actually read the link in PC's post, but he was addressing something that was not raised, argued, mentioned, or otherwise even a minor component of the post by MY.

As far as what people eat, to each his or her own. Denigrating a person's food choices (as food choices, that is personal preferences) makes no sense. Calling folks out for snobbery always makes sense. So too, does calling people out for real, forced, or faux-populist ignorance and/or pride.

11:40 PM  
Blogger Winston Smith said...

As for your first point, A: you're absolutely right. I didn't pay any attention to MY's post, only LGM's...which still doesn't really have much to do with the actual new yuppie food puritans...

As for the last point: I'm actually not interested in your opinion on that one. If you think there's some complicated theory and/or posturing behind my distaste for these folks and/or my preference for pop tarts, then, well, weird as that is, so be it. I couldn't care any less.

5:13 AM  

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