Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Christian "Quiver" Movement
Lunatics and Overpopulation

Well, there's this.

Part of my reason for not having kids is that I am inclined to think that we're already doomed to overpopulate the Earth. I know the arguments for and against are rather complicated, and I won't address them here. I'm just laying out my position at this point.

So you can imagine how happy it makes me to see idiots and lunatics having children by the dozens. The more calculating religions realize that most people stick with whichever religion they were raised in. So: converting new people to your superstition is difficult. It's more efficient to just make more.

And that's the idea of the Christian "Quiverfull" movement: "militant fecundity" that seeks to create more and more "arrows" for Jesus.

Lord, save us from your followers.

And, gosh, it probably will surprise you greatly to find out that all this is tied up with oppressive, bigoted, sexist, psychotic, shithead views about women. I mean, I know it surprised the heck out of me. In particular, these asshats believe that:
the biggest threat to modern society is women's equality, and that conservative believers should fight feminism by raising large families to embrace radically patriarchal gender roles of wifely submission and male headship, and teach their daughters to do the same.
In order for a woman to be Quiverfull, she must embrace a life of absolute submission and obedience to God, her husband, and the cause of Christian revival — winning the culture wars — by having more children than the "other side."
Idiots and bigots. And that's the nicest thing I can think of to say about them. Their daughters do the housework in order to prepare them for their "future careers" as breeding devices. College is, of course, usually out of the question for the girls.

Apparently TLC has a show on one such family (TLC, one of the crappiest channels ever. Remember when it used to be like the Discover Channel? Now it's all weddings and babies. No learning on it whatsoever. And now the Discover Channel is all about blowing sh*t up. Which I'm not against, but, really, cable can't support one single channel about (even just pop) science?). Ahem. But the show is, unsurprisingly, about a very rich family of quiverers. It doesn't show the ones living in poverty, spewing out kid after kid.

So every time you turn off the lights, consider buying a hybrid, take out the recycling, or berate yourself for your profligate ways, remember that none of that really matters. Ever thing you ever do to try to help the environment is being radically outweighed by some Quiverfull jackass who's having an extra ten or twelve kids, each one of which will use more resources than you could possibly save no matter what you do. Of course, there are more of us than them, so small sacrifices by us add up fast...but shut up, I'm on a roll.

God must love idiots, because he certainly did make a lot of them. And it looks like he may be dramatically cranking up production...


Blogger lovable liberal said...

And, just think, if people like us live long enough, we can all be burned as witches for the things we know.

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