Monday, October 27, 2008

The Great Conservative Freakout
James Wolcott Comments

"Presidential Monster Chiller Horror Theater"

So you've probably noticed that a fair number of conservative bloggers seem to be, well, pretty much shrieking like little girls over the impending election of Barack Obama. I mean, I suppose it's understandable to lose your shit if you think that a totalitarian, terrorist-coddling, communist, jihadi Antichrist is about to be elected...but still, it's not a particularly pretty sight. I suppose I thought our friends across the aisle were made of somewhat sterner stuff.

At any rate, Wolcott documents some of the atrocities. Eminently worth a read.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm reminded of Count Floyd

The main running gag of the sketch was that the station would usually provide truly awful films for the show that were not in the least bit scary (including such genres as softcore pornography with a horror theme (Dr. Tongues' 3D House of Stewardessses and Swedish Independent), forcing Floyd to struggle to hype them to his mostly juvenile audience. (“Vow, kids...vasn’t it SCARY vhen the vaitress put ketchup on those french fries?”) He would also show cheesy 3D horror films as a means to sell 3D glasses which would vary in price from show to show. The 3D effect of the films was merely a sad attempt to create a realistic effect, as it usually consisted of the actors getting extremely close to the camera (equipped with a fisheye lens to grossly exaggerate depth-of-field) and lunging the object of 3D emphasis (or their own faces) back and forth at the lens.

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