Saturday, September 20, 2008

McCain 4.0: The Unbalanced Populist

O.k., first, look at the picture here, and tell me you aren't overcome with a kind of anticipatory relief at the thought of grown-ups taking control of our country again.

Though, is it just me, or might that look on Obama's face be: er...not so sure I want this job anymore...

But to the point:
Has McCain gone mad or what? Doesn't that little scene, with Republicans chanting "give it back!" strike you as...surreal? I mean, seriously Is it, um, Obama who's supposed to give it back? Or... Wall Street...? "Fat cats"? I'm really confused.

But, of course, the real story here is the fact that McCain has cranked up his lie generator (his prevarerator?) again. You might have thought he'd maxed it out. You might have thought he had it up to ten.

But this baby goes to eleven.

Now--somehow--the financial crisis is Obama's fault. Apparently he has personally profited and he is personally responsible. You may have thought he was merely a Muslim pedophile who wanted to teach children about what the Koran has to say about condoms. But no. He is also personally responsible for ruining the American financial sector.

So I guess that McCain is going to keep throwing outlandish charges at Obama until he can find something that sticks. And I guess he's going to keep trying on new personae until he finds one that resonates with somebody. We've already had Classic McCain, Maverick McCain, Extra Wingnut McCain (with Nepotism Barbie sidekick, complete with Naughty Book-Burning Librarian glasses), and now Populist McCain.

And now this is just embarrassing.

Unless you also count: scary.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is another clear example of how McSame is guilty of flip-flopping. First, he's for reducing restrictions on open trade. Then, he's for increasing oversight of the financial sector. He's a flip-flopper. No doubt about it! I totally agree with your earlier point about how the Obama campaign needs to play up this point more.

1:46 PM  

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