Friday, April 11, 2008

Publius On Liberals and Conservatives, the Divisive War, "Rooting for the Bad Guys," and Getting Ready for the "Stabbed in the Back" Story

Ahem. I would like to note that I've said most of this before. But Publius says it well, so it's worth a read.

I've actually been concerned about what seems to me to be the liberal tendency to accentuate the negative in Iraq. Some of it is, I suspect, inexcusable. But I think some of it isn't inexcusable. Publius's explanation of why is at least more elegant than mine (which you can look up if you want, but I'm too lazy), and maybe just plain better.


Blogger Tom Van Dyke said...

Publius refuses to answer Kagan's substantive arguments about the war, and instead focuses on the politics of it, which take up a very small part of Kagan's piece.

The snowball grows; the snake eats its tail. Who called who unpatriotic?

From December 2003, fer crissakes:

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