Monday, February 04, 2008

Where I Stand on Super Monday

Not that it should matter much to anybody, but here's where I stand on Super Monday:

Acceptable (in order of my preference):
Clinton/McCain (currently just about a tie)

Unacceptable (in no particular order):

The real wild card here is my weird and unfocused view of Clinton. She has been significantly harmed in my eyes by all the nastiness coming from the vicinity of her camp. Lots of this is from her supporters, of course, and so it's unclear to what extent it should reflect on her. Lots of stuff one just has to ignore, no matter how loathsome and absurd (e.g. the Obama "snub" picture (which, of course, was not a snub at all, but just another opportunity for imbeciles to parade their apparently boundless vapidity)).

So, some advice to Clinton: no more dirty tricks, no more phony waterworks, reign in some of your frothier supporters.

Romney is out because he is an anti-atheist bigot. Huckabee is out (despite his personal charm with us rednecks) because he is probably a nut; creationism and deadly CDS are, obviously, very bad signs. Paul is out because...LOL...well, I mean, c'mon. Like most libertarians and all stopped clocks, he's right on the money more than once per day...but...

I think both Obama and Clinton could make good presidents. McCain could, too...though probably not in the wake of George W. Bush. Among other things, we need someone who will get in there and immediately start undoing the damage this administration has done--e.g. by helping to restore checks and balances to our government, dismantling the imperial presidency. McCain might be willing to do that, but he's got to make that clear.


Blogger Joshua said...

You have more faith in McCain than I do. I'd rank Clinton slightly better. Slightly.

I think as a singular candidate, she's pretty ok. I could be content, if not necessarily happy. However, her buddies are all too happy to throw the Democratic base under whatever bus they can find.

Her friends at the DLC were the ones who were completely, utterly wrong about what the American people wanted in both 2004 and 2006, and if she gets the nod Howard Dean -- the guy responsible for the biggest electoral landslide in decades -- would be out on the curb. And then the Democrats will lose in November. Again.

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