Thursday, February 14, 2008

HRC and Obama on Confiscating Firearms

One thing that started tilting me toward Obama: HRC supports confiscating firearms during emergencies (as they did during Katrina), whereas Obama does not. This issue is non-negotiable in my eyes. The government does not get to confiscate our firearms when we need them most. (They can, let me note, have mine when they take it in the traditional prying-from-cold-dead-fingers sort of way.)

Jeffrey Rosen, interestingly, even suggests that Obama could be our first civil libertarian president (though Rosen seems to think that civil libertarians must be anti-death-penalty...which is false.)


Blogger Tom Van Dyke said...

Everything's negotiable.

There. That should adequately confuse the issue. There's nothing in reality that some well-chosen rhetoric can't handle.

[And it's not like some GOPers like Giuliani haven't done the same thing.]

6:50 PM  

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