Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Halftime, 2/6/08

42-39 dook at the half.

One thing that has become crystal clear: if Lawson were playing, this would be a blow-OUT.

Carolina's down basically because of a one minute stretch in which they backed off defending the 3-point line and a ten-minute period when they didn't get the ball to Hansbrough.

Q is doing a great job, though. He really has improved, and it's exciting to see him get so much PT--it's almost worth the temporary loss of Lawson just to get to see him play.

I have to say, this is a less annoying dook team than usual...aside from the fact that they don't, ya know, play actual basketball, but, rather, merely jack up three after three. But there seems to be less whining, hand-checking, and flopping than usual. So that's good. Henderson is an amazing athlete, and it's too bad that Carolina fans won't let last year's flagrant foul go. It wasn't intentional...though it was culpably negligent.

O.k., time to prepare for the second half...


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