Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Coulter's Anti-McCain Hysteria You've probably noticed that there's a certain flavor of conservative that hates lib'ruls more than they hate, say, OBL. And for some reason they seemed to hate the moderate Bill Clinton even more than they hate real lefties. Well, the pattern continues with John McCain--a conservative by any but the most extreme and twisted criteria. Behold her anti-McCain tirade on Faux News. Her claim? That if McCain is the GOP nominee (and HRC the Dem), she (T. Spice) will not only vote for but campaign for Hillary. Gee..I dunno...I'm not sure we really need you. We've kinda got our kook quota filled by NY NOW... Sure, it's not much by the advanced kookiness standards of the right, but it's plenty for us...


Blogger Joshua said...

I think this means she secretly supports McCain after all and intends to run a guerilla campaign to destroy Hillary's candidacy from within.

12:15 PM  

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