Thursday, February 07, 2008

Carolina 78, dook 89

Damn, I thought we were just toast without Ty, but Q ended up doing an admirable job at that point in many ways. But it was just one of those nights on which just about everything seemed to go wrong. Green and Ellington just simply could not hit and I'm sure we all lost track of how many long rebounds fell right into dook's hands. It took the conjunction of many factors for them to come out on top, but, as they say, that's why they play the games.

Perhaps the biggest news of the night is that this win moves Krzyzewski up to .500 all-time against UNC. (It would probably be churlish to point out that fully half of these wins came against Guthridge and Dougherty during UNC's coaching transition debacle...and that the record doesn't include the losses during the mysteriously protracted back-related absence of 1995. And we're anything but churlish around these parts, yes? So you won't catch us mentioning these things...)

The good news--to the extent that there is any--is that, on a night without our most pivotal player, and when nobody but Hansbrough (and, to some extent, Thompson and Thomas) could hit anything, and on which the Heels' defense was just about as out of sync as it's ever been, and on which their opponents hit just about everything they jacked up from behind the arc, it was still basically a seven-point game. Cold comfort, but better than nothing.

Losing to the almost preternaturally irritating dook is always a rather an unhappy occurrence, and losing in this fashion is especially galling...but them's the breaks. Here's hoping that Ty is up and around for the Clemson game. Clemson has, as you may know, never won a basketball game in Chapel Hill, and I'm sure they've noticed that this would be a good time to change that.

Go Tar Heels!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Winston, I always love seeing people passionate about their team (that is of course, unless I happen to hate their team); but in this case that’s not an issue.

Could you take a sec and fill me in on the dynamic of the UNC/Duke B-Ball rivalry, from the perspective of a UNC student/alum? I don’t attend either school, but never miss the games when they play. The matchup represents everything that’s great about college bball. So, im curious what “dirt” UNC, or duke students/alum. typically throw around about the opposition (whether merited or not)—aside from the usual past championship records, redick being an nba flop, and so on

12:27 PM  
Blogger Tom Van Dyke said...

WS, I thought of you, of course, when I ran across this.

6:05 PM  

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