Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bill Cunningham is a Stupid Assh*le
McCain Disavows His Comments

Wow. This guy is an unbelievable moron. And and assh*le. And lame. He's not even adept at what he does. I mean, he's a loudmouth idiot, but he obviously doesn't really have what it takes to be a significant cog in the Republican noise machine. It's hard to say what he lacks...he's obviously evil and crazy enough...but he lacks...I dunno...the requisite unctuous facility. Or something.

McCain, to his credit, immediately disavowed the comments of this massive waste of carbon. It's sad that this is a surprisingly upright, humane and reasonable move, but it is. Surprising, that is. I mean, disavowing the dumbass comments of a dumbass like Cunningham should be SOP...the bare minimum level of decency for anyone who wants to be president. But, sadly, it isn't. So, anyway, props to McCain for doing the right thing. He said the right things and he obviously meant them. The Republican noise machine won't shut down, but I really do believe that McCain won't actively seek out its help.


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