Sunday, December 09, 2007

Reaction to Romney's Speech/Conservatives and Historical Perspective

Ann Romney, on the reaction to Mitt's speech:

"People were saying, 'It was like George Washington,' 'It was the Gettysburg Address,' "

I've never thought that conservatives were any more ignorant of history than liberals, but now I'm beginning to wonder.

Conjoin the claims above with:

Ronald Reagan: the greatest president since Thomas Jefferson

Bush: Churchillian

Opponents of the Iraq invasion: Chamberlanian

al Qaeda: a bigger threat than the Soviet Union

Now, it takes a hefty amount of historical ignorance to assert any of these things. Mitt's speech was to The Gettysburg Address as Deal or No Deal is to Moby Dick. And somebody apparently needs to go back and read Washington's address to the officers at Newburgh, too...

Of course many presidents superior to Reagan managed to come between TJ and Ronny--even if we ignore all others, we might want to remind ourselves of Abe. To call Bush Churchillian is to show that one has never heard nor read Churchill, nor Manchester. To compare invasion opponents to Chamberlain is to show that one is copiously ignorant of the astonishing lengths Chamberlain went to to accommodate the little psychopath Hitler. And to compare al Qaeda to the USSR is like comparing apples to...well, ICBMs.

So straighten up, conservatives, and fly right. This parade of historical hyperbole isn't redounding to your credit.


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