Sunday, October 28, 2007

Absolutely Most Totally Awesome (Pre-Raptor) Modern Jet Fighter

O.k., now that the F-22 is basically making everything else obsolete, this topic has become crucially important, as I'm sure you'll agree. Like so many other humans burdened with a Y chromosome, I spend much of my time fleshing out my fighter pilot fantasies (WWII version, contemporary version, sometimes Korean war version).

[Note: Yes, I am well aware of the fact that I am very lucky that I never actually had to go to war. Just ease up, willya?]

I just think that it's important to make it absolutely clear that (at least in the pre-F-22 world), the absolutely most totally awesome jet fighter is/was...the F-15 Eagle. [link fixed thanx MK]

Sure, the F-18 is sweeeet, and the F-16 is way wicked. The F-14...well, I'm not a fan, but I've got nothing bad to say about it. And the Soviets/Russians had/have some cool toys, too. [stifles yawn] I mean, if you like planes made out of, like, cast iron or bronze or whatever it is they were using...

But for my money, the F-15 is the coolest. The arguments will go on forever, probably (and there seems to be a whole cadre of folks on the web dedicated to pumping up the Tomcat (probably having watched Top Gun too many times...)) But when push comes to shove, it's damn hard to argue against the F-15's 103 to 0 kill-loss record. (And the air superiority version has never been shot down ever, even by ground fire.)

So I'm glad we've settled this.

Most totally awesome modern jet fighter: the F-15 Eagle.

O.k., sure, my grandpa did a lot of production work in the F-15...but that has absolutely nothing to do with the F-15 being the coolest. Okay, maybe a little bit...

As you were.


Blogger Random Michelle K said...

OK, so...

I like things that causes explosions more than most of my gender, although I never got into all the technical details. (I just like things that go boom.)


Why does the F-15 link take us to a LOTR gaming cartoon?

Just curious.

7:29 PM  

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