Monday, August 06, 2007

Kleiman on Obama on Pakistan

Good post.


Blogger Tom Van Dyke said...

Of course I disagree that Kleiman's is good post. We've learned to expect that from the resident gadfly.

But why, Tom? Well, I'll tellya...

As to #1, you don't threaten what should be covert action. You don't say it, you do it, then you deny it. A buncha guys in native dress shot up a whole buncha al-Qaeders? Wasn't us.

As for #2, it took Obama three shots to arrive at the correct formulation, you could look it up. That's the problem, the press narrative notwithstanding. In a 24/7 newsworld where rhetoric is reality, the quality of one's bullshit has never been so important.

(As previously noted per his advisor Samantha Power, Obama may have taken up a serious study of foreign policy as recently as 2005. Neither is the idealistic Ms. Power the best instructor, perhaps.)

Speaking in public isn't hard as Dubya makes it look, but it ain't easy either. You should have seen Hillary's halting speech during the senate pajama party a couple of weeks ago. (I was up at 1AM Pacific, 4AM eastern for the show.) She couldn't get through 5 words without a Bush-like (41 or 43) gap in the flow.

As for HRC looking bad on Obama, as Kleiman opines, I think she, and more precisely her team, are doing pretty good in defanging Obama, and the latest poll shows it.

GOPers like myself will fight her election tooth and nail of course, but absent a truly inspiring candidate of our own (none on the horizon), it's difficult to argue that the GOP "deserves" any electoral success. Certainly Bush43 didn't: it's just that Gore and Kerry deserved it less.

If Clinton44 is inevitable, at least she's not a fool, and she cannot be accused of being uncautious. The republic will abide. We beat back her socialistic inclinations in the 90s, altho it'll admittedly be tougher this time around. As for foreign policy, as long as she keeps Sandy Berger and Madeleine Albright away from it, we should be alright.

9:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"We beat back her socialistic inclinations in the 90s"

LOL, talk about defacating on your credibility.

12:24 PM  

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