Sunday, August 26, 2007

Iraqi Leaders Agree on Some Benchmarks, Take Digs at Dems

This seems like good news.

Maliki's digs at Dems make no sense at all however:

The embattled prime minister hit back on Sunday, saying: "There are American officials who consider Iraq as if it were one of their villages, for example Hillary Clinton and Carl Levin."

"This is severe interference in our domestic affairs. Carl Levin and Hillary Clinton are from the Democratic Party and they must demonstrate democracy," he said. "I ask them to come to their senses and to talk in a respectful way about Iraq."

Um, nobody's been disrespectful, and if anyone's treated Iraq "as if it were one of their villages," it's Republicans. (Do we have villages here anymore?) Wonder whether a one of W's desperate lackies put him up to this or what? Fairly artless.

Anyway, the real news is the agreement, and that looks good.


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