Sunday, July 29, 2007

Bushenkoism: Doing Lysenko One Better

So, the Bush administration is well-known for its Lysenkoism...but this story in today's Post reminds us that its not only science that's the target of the administrations little interventions. There are also policy decisions associated with these findings, and the Bushies also seek to use the corrupted science to, in turn, corrupt policy.

These are very bad people.


Blogger Tom Van Dyke said...

A beautiful piece of modern newspapering. Note it's a Page One piece. People will read the first 5 paragraphs, so that's where the spin is. Seldom does anyone continue to page 15, where the rest of it is. Note that any self-defense on the part of the Bushies begins at, oh, the 6th paragraph or so.

Now, it you started at Graf 6, and cycle around to the first 5, you'd walk away with an entirely different impression.

The wrong one, of course. ;-)

9:01 PM  

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