Monday, June 12, 2006

Ann Coulter: Comedian?

Soooo...have you heard this newest right-wing meme in the service of defending Ann-eurysm? Now it turns out she actually a comedian! Get it? When she ridicules the agony of 9-11 widows, it's not supposed to be a painful truth that, nevertheless, we need to's in order to get a laugh!

Ha ha! I get it!

Disclaimer: this should not be construed as a call to ban Coulter's "work", but merely an attempt to call bullshit on bullshit. Aside from being protected by the First Amendment, Ms. Coulter's obvious derangement may make her eligible for protection under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

I know I've mentioned this before, but doesn't it strike anyone else as being a little weird that so many prominent right-wing media heroes are so fond of accusing liberals of being traitors, or of having mental problems, when so many of them actually...well, are traitors or have mental problems...or both? Coulter (nut), Liddy (traitor, nut), North (traitor, nut).

Maybe that's why we keep losing...there's a traitor/nut gap. We just don't have anybody who stacks up against those guys.

Jeez, gimme the good old days of just Rush Limbaugh. An intellectually dishonest showman...a sort of poor man's...or dumb man's...P. T. Barnum, mangling the facts for a buck. Not to say that I'm not disgusted by someone who'd be willing to get rich by attacking the roots of our democracy (i.e. rational, civil discourse)... Still, he seemed somehow less nauseating than the other bunch. Though since Limbaugh seems to realize what he's doing, he's probably morally culpable, whereas it's not clear that the other three even really understand what they're doing.


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